Meet our Team of Motorcycle Sales Experts

Steve Ward

Sales Manager

Started 02/01/17

There’s nothing better than selling one of the top 2 things in life that you’re most passionate about. I grew up riding sport bikes – the first bike was an R6, and when I brought it home mom told me to pack a bag because she was kicking me out. Needless to say, I kept the bike and still got to stay at the house. I have had a number of bikes. My top 3 bikes I have owned would be my RC51, GSXR 1000, and of course my bagger. I picked up my 2015 Victory 2 summers ago and love it. If I am not riding motorcycles, you can find me out on the lake in summer or at concerts.

Dave “The Voice” Grimme

Sales Support

Started 03/01/13

Dave has been riding motorcycles for over 30 years and for as long as he can remember has had a passion for all motorized things. Besides his love for classic muscle cars, his love for motorcycles runs just as deep! He currently rides a custom chopper and has kept it old school, with a 1989 ZX10R Ninja to keep the sport bike rider in him happy. He also has a KLR650 that he plans on riding off road with his son, Colton, who now has his own bike, continuing on the love and passion for the sport. Dave not only joined the SSB crew in 2013 but became a proud father and married his best friend, Jill, that year and is enjoying the family life. SSB has been a life-long-dream come true for someone who loves motorcycles as much as he does.

Cy Webber

Sales Consultant

Started Again 04/30/18 (First Stint; 2017)

Cy loves anything on two wheels! His first time riding a motorbike was a cousin’s pit bike when he was a youngster – riding it straight through a bush and into a fence. He didn’t ride for a while after that! Then, Cy had a roommate that was into motocross and he wound up buying his KX300 dual sport. He fell in love with the thing! It evolved into the purchase of a Husqvarna supermoto! Since then, Cy has developed an interest in 70’s and 80’s era Japanese custom builds – as he just built an 82 Honda into a street tracker. Now he is riding a WR250r set up for trail riding – soon to be selling it to get his first cruiser!

Zach Anderson

Sales Consultant

Started 03/27/18

Zach is a relatively new rider. He bought his first motorcycle, a 2005 Yamaha R6, in the summer of 2016. He has always enjoyed motorcycles and has enjoyed learning more about all kinds of bikes while working at Simply Street Bikes. Zach is enthusiastic about sales and enjoys meeting new people. SSB gives him the exciting opportunity to combine his passion for sales and motorcycling with the added bonus of helping to create new riders and adding new members to the SSB family. When he is not at work, he is with his girlfriend or hanging out with friends either frolfing or getting some easy Fortnite wins.