Our Used Motorcycle Prices are Low and Fair

We price our used motorcycles as low as possible and it is our goal to provide a fair value. We often get the question, "What role does KBB or NADA Book Value Guides play in our pricing?" And the answer can be found directly on each of their websites, as well as in an email we got from KBB after inquiring:

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“Thank you for providing information regarding our values; we do our best to provide relevant values and will consider your comments when reviewing our database. However, it is essential to keep in mind that Kelley Blue Book is a guide that provides values that indicate where the majority of transactions are taking place; they are not absolute values and never could be, regardless of what some services may say since each vehicle transaction is unique. Factors such as interior color, the economy, availability of certain models, even the weather can affect the value of a vehicle within a specific region or state. While your input will help us improve our information there still may be some specific regional differences in your market. We appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback to us. Your input will help us to continue to improve our information.

Thank you for visiting our site. Come back and see us again, as we are adding content all the time.”

Consumer Correspondence Specialist
Kelley Blue Book
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The reality is that these ‘book value guides’ are just that, a guide. They do not take into consideration the following factors:

  • Low Mileage (you’d be surprised what NADA or KBB considers ‘average’, it’s quite high)
  • Excellent condition (or rough condition)
  • Aftermarket accessories
  • Real Market value (low supply and high demand creates higher ‘real market prices’)
  • Seasonality

Again, we do try to price our bikes as low as possible, and as fair as possible. Please remember that these book value guides are simply a guide. Thanks!