Take part in the 2019 SSB Rider Mileage Contest! 

Starting Saturday, April 6, 2019, and ending Saturday, October 26, 2019.

Share your 2019 Riding Season with SSB and make your high miles count!


This year we are launching our first ever SSB Community Riding Team. The top three mileage contest winners will become our official SSB Community Rider Team. As a Rider Team member you and your bike will be profiled on our website and FaceBook page. Basically, you will become a legend. Also, as a Rider Team member you will get a cool SSB Rider Team Jacket, and year long in-store perks.


To participate access the registration and tracking form below. A SSB representative needs to verify and sign your registration form at the dealership. Verification can happen on April 6, 2019, and any day after during business hours. That way if you are unable to start the contest until later in the season, you can still come to the dealership and have your registration form verified for participation. You need to ride your bike to SSB for Registration verification.


To submit your miles at the end of the contest all you have to do is ride your bike into SSB for final submission and verification on or before October 26, 2019. You absolutely need to ride your bike to SSB for final submission and verification, we will not accept pictures. So plan accordingly, be aware of late season weather changes and safe riding conditions.


Click to Register