Simply Street Bikes – Minnesota’s Largest Used Motorcycle Dealer

Our Core Values

As a company, we operate around five core values. It is our goal that every employee exemplifies these values, so we base our hiring and management decisions around them.

Family – We respond with a “Yes, we can do it for you and make it happen” because we are a Family of service-oriented individuals that are focused on our customers’ needs. We work hard, do whatever it takes, and support each other along the way.

Premier – In everything we do, whether writing a deal, answering a customer question, or recommending a product, we exhibit professionalism, but we take it to the next step. We are Premier. We are the best at what we do and it shows.

Passionate – We are Passionate people in our hobbies, our work, and in helping others enjoy their hobby. Our work is Motorcycles, and Motorcycles drive the soul. As enthusiasts, we share that Passion for bikes with our customers and our co-workers. It’s what we do and it’s fun!

Grow – If a company isn’t Growing, whether outward or inward, it has closed the doors – it just doesn’t know it yet. Our goal of Growth is financial, self and business improvement, and more. We thrive on Growth and on winning, as a company, as a Family, and as individuals.

Integrity – Showing honesty and always doing the right thing sometimes costs a little extra money or takes a little more time, but ensuring that we treat each situation, customer, and co-worker with Integrity goes a long way. We understand the value of our reputation and we strive to protect it. As the Golden Rule states: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Shop Our Used Motorcycles for Sale

At Simply Street Bikes, we strive to first build a relationship with our customers, and then based on their specific wants and needs, help to determine the best motorcycle to suit them. SSB actually evolved from Simply Luxury Imports, a luxury car dealership started back in 2004. After just a few years, owner Brian Cox decided to follow his passion for motorcycles and split off into Simply Street Bikes.

We have hundreds of years of combined experience in the motorcycle industry, from owning shops to managing large dealerships, to training at the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Arizona.

Our mission is to be the premier used motorcycle dealer in Minnesota by providing three things: fair prices on quality motorcycles, parts and accessories, unparalleled service, and an exciting and fun atmosphere.

We’re the biggest and the best, used motorcycle dealer, in the state of Minnesota! Come by and check out our indoor showroom with over 100 quality used motorcycles; from sport to touring and everything in between.

All of our Certified Motorcycles receive an oil change and full 53-Point Safety Inspection. They all run well, and we make sure they have good tires, brakes, and fluids. Most bikes are Simply Certified and come with a 30 day / 1,000-mile warranty!

As motorcycle enthusiasts just like you, we love to ride and we are constantly involved in the community here in Minnesota. If you want to get more involved in the Minnesota motorcycle community, check out

Most motorcycle dealers cannot offer a test ride on motorcycles for sale due to insurance restrictions. However, we offer a Post-Sale Test Ride to ensure that you are comfortable with the machine.

To take a test ride, you must first purchase the motorcycle by cash, check, credit card, or financing. Then, you put your insurance on the motorcycle and you will have 30 minutes and 30 miles to make sure the bike fits your needs! If upon riding the bike, it has an issue we cannot resolve or does not work for you, we will refund your purchase.